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It's always party time!

*At least 2 day camp visits are required prior to booking our boarding service.

Say no to the lonely boarding suite.

Instead of leaving your dog in a kennel alone, we bring your dog home with us so we can Netflix and chill together in a cozy environment. During the day, your dog will return to day camp and play with his/her friends.


Want a little break or some me time? No problem, we'd gladly hire your dog as our office assistant for the day so he/she can hang out with their favourite humans!

We save the best for our dogs.

Our in-home boarding service is exclusively available to our day camp dogs. We want our dogs to feel comfortable even when they are away from home; staying with someone that they are familiar with and trust is very important as it greatly reduces their anxiety level. 

In order for your dog to get to know us, we require at least 2 day camp visits prior to booking our boarding service. 

Run, don't walk.

We have very limited availability and we book up really quickly. Once we're full, we're full! If you are interested, please contact us soon to secure your spot. 

Rate (per 24 hours)

*20% off for 2nd dog and up
  1. All prices are subject to GST.

  2. All prices include complimentary day camp (if available).

  3. All dogs must be from the same household to enjoy the multiple dogs discount.

  4. Regular day camp price applies if the pick up time exceeds the 24 hour mark.

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