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We are genuine, honest and transparent.

We share the pre-day camp assessment form with parents, so we are on the same page. Contact us if you’d like a tour of our building; we are very proud of our facility and we’d be more than happy to show you around. We value honest and open communication so if you ever have any concerns, please feel free to connect with us! We also update our social media throughout the day, so parents know how much their dogs are enjoying the fun. Just shoot us a message to see how your pup is doing! 

We treat your dogs like our own dogs. 

We always have your dog’s best interest at heart and sometimes we modify our plans around your dogs. We love your dogs so much that we just want the best for them. While we very much appreciate your business, and of course we’d love to play with your dog every single day for 12 hours a day, don’t be surprised if we suggest taking a day or two off so your dog can have a nice break to recuperate. 

We believe in quality over quantity.

Have you seen photos of a bunch of dogs crammed in a small dog daycare room? No thank you, we don’t do that. In the human world, some people may feel uneasy with the lack of personal space, same applies to dogs. We purposely keep our day camp capacity low and intimate, so our dogs can have lots of room to zoom around throughout the day. Having less dogs also means they get more attention from us and we can do more fun activities with them! Check out our Instagram or Facebook to see the fun activities we have done; we are constantly planning new and fun things for our pups! 

If your dog needs more time to feel comfortable in a group setting, no problem! We introduce a new dog to the other dogs one at a time, so it is less overwhelming. Don’t worry, we will take it slow and let your dog guide us. We always want your dog to feel comfortable with us and with the dogs they are spending time with at our facility. 

We support force free training. 

Aversive training tools are strictly prohibited at The Dog Circle. All of our staff received education on proper deescalating strategies, and we try our best to diffuse tension before it gets to the red zone. Our low staff to dog ratio allows us to spot potential problems more easily and intervene early. We will never get physical with our dogs except in emergency situations or when safety is jeopardized. We do not practice intimidation/scare tactics.

We support rescues and giving back to the community.

We love animal rescues and we are determined to give back to the community. In 2021, we made a total of $2000+ monetary donations plus much needed supplies to different local rescues. Lots of precious lives were helped and dogs were given a second chance at life because of you! We are committed to continue donating as much as we can; when you use our services, not only are you supporting us, a small local business, you are also helping rescue dogs in need!

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